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Instructions:Your second reflection paper should be a cumulative assessment of your experience during the secondhalf of the semester (i.e., since writing the first reflection paper). When writing your paper, consider thefollowing questions:• Based on what I learned in this class, how comfortable am I describing the recruitment andselection function to others?• Have my opinions about the text and the usefulness/structure of the content changed? To whatdegree would it be a useful resource for graduates entering the HR field (i.e., reference bookduring first HR job)?• What have we studied (since Chapter 7 until Chapter 13 ) that is interesting?• What new things have I learned (since Chapter 7) until chapter 13?• How do I think I have done overall with engaging the course material (i.e., actively readingchapters/PPT notes, reviewing weekly videos, reviewing Read and Watch content,learning from peer interactions)?• What have I done differently since writing my first reflection paper?Format:• Minimum 700 words• Single-space the content—double-space between paragraphs.• Include a title (top, centered)