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 End-of-Course Reflection and Goal Setting Plan for Next Course Saturday

Assignment Content

  1. Write a 175- to 350-word end-of-course reflection describing how your learning in the course has informed the development and alignment of your proposal elements. Also reflect on your plan and goals for the next course.

    Respond to the following prompts:

    • What is the implication of not having proposal approval in this course?
    • What do you envision as your next step in the dissertation process?
    • Which dissertation course will be the most appropriate to enroll in next based on your progress thus far?
    • What will you put in place before your next dissertation course?
    • What goals will you work on after this course ends?
    • What enrichment activities can you engage in prior to the start of your next dissertation course?

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(Insert Name of Facility, Organization, University, Institution, or Association)

Please complete the following by check marking any permissions listed here that you approve, and please provide your signature, title, date, and organizational information below. If you have any questions or concerns about this research study, please contact the University of Phoenix Institutional Review Board via email at [email protected] .

Study Name: (Please insert the title of the research study)

Study Description: (Please insert a brief description of research study)

|_| I hereby authorize (Researcher name), a researcher from University of Phoenix, to use the premises (facility identified above and address below) to conduct this study.

|_| I hereby authorize (Researcher name), a researcher from University of Phoenix, to recruit subjects for participation in this study at the facility identified above.

|_| I hereby authorize (Researcher name), a researcher from University of Phoenix, to use the name of the facility, organization, university, institution, or association identified above when publishing results from this study.



Title and printed name of official granting permission:


Signature of official granting permission: ______________________________________

Date: ________________

Address of Facility: ___________________________________________

Email Address: _________________________________________

Phone Number: ______________________________________

URL/Link (if applicable): ______________________________________


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Informed Consent: Participants 18 years of age and older

READ: This form may be used as a general guide to fulfill the requirements of informed consent. Please follow the instructions in RED to describe specific elements of the study. [Once you are done, please remove all Red items when finalizing your format.]


My name is… (Your name) and I am a student at the University of Phoenix working on a… (Your degree program). I am conducting a research study entitled… (Title of your research study).

(Concisely provide key information about the study and WHY one might want to participate in it).

The purpose of the research study is to… (Describe the nature and purpose of the research study).

Your participation will involve… (Describe what is expected of the research participant:

1. The time commitment,

2. any intended recording of data,

3. the circumstances under which participation may be terminated without participant consent,

4. and sample size).

You can decide to be a part of this study or not. Once you start, you can withdraw from the study at any time without any repercussions. The results of the research study may be published but your identity will remain… (Either confidential or anonymous – it cannot be both), and your name will not be made known to any outside parties.

In this research, there are no foreseeable risks to you… (Unless there is, and in that case, please describe the risks here).

Although there may be no direct benefit to you, a possible benefit from your being part of this study is… (Describe possible benefits to subject or society as a whole and describe any costs to the subject for participating).

If you have any questions about the research study, please call me at… (Your phone number) or email me at… (Your UOPX email address). For questions about your rights as a study participant, or any concerns or complaints, please contact the University of Phoenix Institutional Review Board at [email protected].

As a participant in this study, you should understand the following:

1. You may decide not to be part of this study or you may want to withdraw from the study at any time. If you want to withdraw, please call me at… (Your phone number) or email me at… (Your UOPX email address).

2. Your identity will be kept… (Either confidential or anonymous).

3. (Your name), the researcher, has fully explained the nature of the research study and has answered all of your questions and concerns.

4. Before interviews are conducted, you must give permission for the researcher, (Your name), to record them. The information from these recorded interviews will be transcribed by (whom?), and the data will be coded to assure that your identity is protected. (If there will be no interviews in the study, please remove this entire item.)

5. Data will be kept secure by… (Explain how AND where you will keep data and data files secure. Also state how your raw data will be stored separately from any/all personally identifiable information). The data will be kept for three (3) years, and then destroyed by… (Explain how you will destroy BOTH your electronic and hard copy data).

6. The results of this study may be published.

By signing this form, you agree that you understand the nature of the study, the possible risks and benefits to you as a participant, and how your identity will be kept… (Either confidential or anonymous). When you sign this form, this means that you are 18 years old or older and that you give your permission to volunteer as a participant in the study that is described here.

(|_|) I accept the above terms. (|_|) I do not accept the above terms. (CHECK ONE)

Signature of the research participant ____________________________________ Date _____________

Signature of the researcher _____________________________________ Date _____________

NOTE: For studies that employ an online informed consent (instead of a signed paper informed consent), different processes may apply. Please review: GUIDANCE – Online Surveys and IRB Review.