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Emily Dickerson I would not stop for death “
Instructions for the first Poetry assignment

Reflect on our conversations about “death” as an experience, as an inseparable half of life, as it has shown up in our essays. Choose ONE poem and construct an essay that shows how the respective poet’s major perspective of death. In other words, identify how the poet views death and then use two key examples (which will constitute two separate paragraphs) in the essay. Again, you cannot just “talk” around the points; you must use clear examples to “show” your two major points. This means your body can have two paragraphs, but you can still use three (3) if you wish.

Understand? What do you think is Emily Dickson’s main point, or what is Dickinson telling her readers about death? Once you answer that question, then find two strong examples in the poem and develop them into strong paragraphs. You still need an introduction and a clear thesis (last statement of your introduction) . . . . Happy Writing.

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