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Question Description

This assignment is the next step with your research paper. This is NOT a rough draft, but you will be focusing on your research and reporting on the articles you read.

Choose 5 to 7 articles from the LAVC or other college library. (No .com or .org websites.) For each article, you will write 1-2 pages that contain the following:

* Information about the article as it will appear – MLA style – in your bibliography.

* A summary of the article (1-2 paragraphs)

* A list of statistical data/key ideas/quotes from the article that MIGHT appear in your paper

* A reaction to the article (1 paragraph; this can include your opinion, how the article fits into your paper, other research you think you need as a result of reading it, etc.)

THIS IS NOT AN ESSAY, but a repository of your research. You only need to list each summary one after the other in the same document.

For my research paper topic, I would like to explore the research question “Why face-to-face classes are more effective than remote learning.” In this paper, I would like to explore the advantages of a traditional classroom setup as compared to self-paced asynchronous learning, and why this type of learning will still be favored after the period of the pandemic. I chose this because it is both a relevant and contested topic right now, as students have been constantly complaining about online learning despite it’s self-paced style and convenience. Now, people have been questioning whether online learning will continue to live on even when it is safe to conduct face-to-face classes as it may allow students to pursue other extracurriculars alongside academic learning. So far, I have my own and my peers’ experiences of online learning, so I can gauge from a personal perspective the advantages and disadvantages of this. There are several aspects I would like to learn from this research, such as:

  • What advantages and disadvantages do students see in both face-to-face and online learning?
  • What are the key learning differences in face-to-face and online learning?
  • What anxieties do students face in both face-to-face and online learning? Which are more manageable?

RESOURCES CAN ONLY BE FROM : https://lib.lavc.edu/home