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Question Description

About the Research Paper

(Adapted from Prof. Gin’s Fall 2019 Environmental Economics Course at University of San Diego)

The research paper allows you to develop in-depth knowledge of a particular aspect of environmental economics. The approximate length of the paper should be 5 – 10 pages. The paper should present some data in the form of a table, graph, or both. A bibliography, reference, or works cited section with at least five sources (at least one source that can also be found in print) should be included.

Possible approaches

An examination of one aspect of environmental or natural resource economic theory

Ex. – Property Rights and Pollution

Ex. – The Optimal Rate of Forest Harvesting

An examination of public policies related to environmental or natural resource economics

Ex. – Subsidizing Solar Energy

Ex. – The Economics of “The Green New Deal”

Theory or policy as they relate to a specific area or region

Ex. – Oil Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Ex. – Water Pollution Control in the San Diego-Tijuana Region

Environmental or natural resource economic issues in an international context

Ex. – Air Pollution in the People’s Republic of China

Ex. – Deforestation in the Amazon

Analysis of data

Ex. – Factors Affecting the Population Growth Rate in Developing Countries

Application of environmental economic analysis tools

Ex. – Benefit-Cost Analysis of Dam Breaching in the U.S. Northwest

Anything else you can think of — if you have questions or are unsure if your topic works for this paper, let me know!