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Essay prompt: DSM-5 Diagnosis and Fictional Characters. Select a fictional character from television, movies or English literature and come up with a tentative DSM-5 diagnosis (and using all relevant DSM-5 specifiers). First describe the individual and give a brief history of the presenting problem, then present your diagnostic impressions. Be sure to provide evidence to justify your judgments that the necessary criteria have been met. Avoid real-life personalities. A differential diagnosis (rule outs) with three (3) appropriate DSM-5 disorders and thorough rationale as to why they can be ruled out must also be included. You must include relevant DSM-5 criteria to support your diagnosis and why this individual meets criteria.

You are required to find one peer reviewed article to support your argument (diagnosis) and cite using APA style in your paper. This can be done through searching psychology databased on the library’s website (https://library.mtsu.edu/psychology/databases). Ask your instructor if you need additional help. You must also include your textbook as a reference AND cite appropriate DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for the disorder you are diagnosing and those that you are ruling out.

Each paper should be at least two pages (not including a title and reference page; no more than 4 pages), double spaced, with a simple header including your paper’s title and your name, and an APA style reference page. References should be placed on page three (or page 4 if you include a title page) of your document and should begin at the top of the page.
Be careful to avoid plagiarism!
References should be cited in-text and referenced using APA style. Papers will be run through an electronic plagiarism program. Avoid copying words written by others without using proper quotation style (from APA manual) and citations. Feel free to reach out to your instructor or your TA for APA style support and resources.