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1) Read Ch. 10 Developing Sound Professional Ethics – Write an Essay including the following components.

2) Describe an Ethical Problem/Ethical Claim in the field of Human Movement or for non-Kinesiology students choose an Ethical Problem/Claim in your Academic Field of choice – Clearly state the Ethical Problem/Ethical Claim with a citation. Provide accurate context so the reader can understand the Problem/Claim. Define any terms used by the problem/claim or related to the Problem/Claim.

3) Identify consequences of this Problem/Claim. Explain to reader why Problem/Claim is important. Establish how consequences reasonably follow from Problem/Claim. Identify harms to any persons, groups, principles, rights, or norms.

4) Use arguments to provide an objection to the Problem/Claim; support these arguments with reason or evidence. Anticipate any counter arguments by providing responses. Present a conclusion that clearly identifies how your objection relates to the contemporary Problem/Claim.

5) Present evidence (scholarly literature) to support critical evaluation (use citations). Quote arguments from additional philosophers or normative theories (use citations). Synthesize empirical evidence from other subdisciplines and present multiple kinesiology subdisciplines to evaluate the contemporary Ethical claim/Problem (use citations). Provide clear examples to support the evidence.

Specific Guidelines:

5 Pages Total: Cover Sheet (APA Title Page), 3 pages of writing, & Reference page with 3 sources that are scholarly journal articles.

Follow APA 7th Edition Format for entire paper including Reference page with APA citations from your sources and APA in-text citations in the body of the paper.

Use 12 Font – Times New Roman Font

Proofread for spelling, grammar, and punctuation prior to submitting

Submit essay via email to professor a week prior to official due date to receive feedback on your writing to polish your essay prior to officially submitting essay.

Feedback: If you would like feedback on your writing you must send the professor an email requesting for specific feedback on your essay after officially submitting the essay.