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Question Description

For the following questions, I expect 3 or more paragraphs for each response. Your answers should reflect awareness in your own ideas using the sources attached and the book Lord of Flies. Remember, I expect to see your original thought. I only want you to use the sources attached (you don’t have to use all), the book Lord of Flies, and your own ideas (I don’t want you to search for other sources).

1. Explain why discrimination and prejudice persists, what can be done to end it.

2. Explain “moral worth”. What is it, and how should the moral worth of another being be determined? Give at least two accounts. (You may want to reference Immanuel Kant’s theory, or refer to our discussion of who to save from a burning building).

3. There are (at least) two opposing interpretations of the violence of the children in Lord of the Flies. If there are no laws, will people inevitably be violent? Or are the children violent because of the society they form on the island? Or neither? Justify your answer with details from the story. You may also want to make reference to the theories on human violence of Thomas Hobbes and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.