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Analyze the results of data previously collected from the database below and discuss how these results relate to the topic of the death penalty


How will this data help improve civic responsibility and civic engagement among practitioners of social sciences

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A database is defined as a well-organized collection of prepared information or data that is normally stored electronically or in a computer system. According to Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC) database, the total number of executions in the United States since 1976 is 1537 consisting of both men and women. The statistics in this database comprise of data including race, sex of the victim along with the method used to execute them. Out of this number, 1352 were executed by lethal injection, 163 by electrocution and 11 on gas chamber. Additionally, 3 of them were executed by hanging and another 3 by the firing squad. As of October 6, 2021, the United States had performed three executions in Texas. Today, lethal injection is still considered as an effective technique for criminal execution and it has been authorized into more than 35 states across the United States.

Race is defined as the color of a perpetrator and victim’s skin which plays a critical role when awarding death penalty in the United States. From the database, people of color contributed a total of 43% of the total executions that have been performed by the United States since 1976 while 55% of them are still waiting for determination of their fate. A suspension of the death penalty is important as it serves the role of addressing blatant prejudice within the application of the death penalty. On the other hand, the number of white perpetrators added to the death row account for one-half of all homicide victims with 80% of the capital cases that involve white victims. As of October 2002, twelve individuals were executed comprising of white defendant and a black murder victim in comparison to 178 black defendants of murders of murder victims.

Age is defined as the history and is classified as above or below the age of 18 years. In 2019 statistics, 13.7% of the prisoners set to be executed in the United States were aged between the age of forty to forty-four years while 16.8% came from the ages between 45 to 49 years. As a result, there have been a greater number of older individuals getting paraded for the execution compared to the young. This is common because a lot of adults are highly arrogant to the rules established by the justice system as a way of regulating their behavior. On the other hand, the number o young people in such occasion are relatively law on the basis that they have a lot of systems regulating and controlling their behaviors whether at home, school or in public. Another fact could be that a lot of young children are still fearful of the consequences of what going against the law will be like and they have no freedom to say what they want done unlike the adults who can do everything they wish to do.

Gender is defined as the art of being male or female during execution. The number of males executed is high than that of women as the male are more likely to engage in homicide cases more than the women. Women are arrested mostly for minor cases such as drug and alcohol abuse while on the other hand the males are executed for serious offenses such as burglary, rape and homicide.

According to the DPIC database, the total number of white individuals who have been executed since 1976 were found that the black Americans were 82% higher of getting a death penalty for killing a white individual. Since 1976, the total number of Black Americans who had been executed were 524 which was a 34% representation of the overall population, 129 were of Latin origin and held a proportion of 6.4%. On the other hand, the number of white men who have been executed are 855 which is the highest number of the entire population holding a percentage of 55.7% while another 1.8% comes from other races. Gender have also been represented by the database contributing to 1.2% of the 1553 executions performed in the United States with white women representing a huge population in comparison other races. On the other hand, males contribute a significant percentage as they continue to show symptoms of resistance to adhere to the authority. On the other hand, the age of the perpetrator is a significant determiner of the type of individuals who can be executed. According to the database, a lot of older adults aged above 40 and 45 years engaging in crimes and get executed in the process.

The findings of these variables are that race is playing as the main determinant on who gets stricter capital punishment than the other. Regarding this, Black Americans have possibility of receiving a harsh penalty for committing homicide unlike a white individual who has done the same offense. Secondly, it appears that a lot of people ending up in prison systems are mainly above 40 years while the number of youths executed in the process continues to remain relatively low. Gender of an individual is also playing a role in determining who will is ending up in prisons as there are higher number of males arrested with serious crimes such as rape, burglary, and murder while most of the women are arrested for minor offenses such as domestic violence and drug abuse.