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Favoritism: Is It Good or Bad for the Leader?

Some people think that Favoritism is not very good for interpersonal relationships.
Moreover, there is an opinion, that favoritism can be destructive for job performance.
From the side, employees, who belong to a group of favorites for the leader, might feel very comfortable in their working place. Probably, it is not too bad.

What do you think about favoritism?

· What is the reason for favoritism?

· Do you think that favoritism can be destructive for job performance or not?

· Is favoritism a form of discrimination?

· How to avoid favoritism (your recommendations)?

In addition to answering the question, reply at least to one of your group members. Note you must post your answer(s) before you can read any other replies.

My group members :

The reason for favoritism might come from a positive bond between employer and employee like friendship. Also, if the employee performs well compared to other employees the employer might start to favor them, possible outside of work common interest, and similar backgrounds (cultural, racial, etc.) I think favoritism can be destructive in the workplace because it can make those unfavored feel neglected, unmotivated, and result in poor job performance. It can lead to distrust, rumors, inequality and a toxic workplace culture. I do not think favoritism necessarily is a form of discrimination because discrimination is unjust treatment due to differences between people like race or culture. If favoritism is not from bias then it is not discrimination. 

Some ways to avoid favoritism is to reflect on how you treat all employees and check to make sure you aren’t treating some better than others. Keep the same expectations, rewards, and attention to everyone. Reward people for doing good work and specific tasks to keep from acknowledging only a few people.