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Question Description

Under each video link is the assignment you have to complete. There are 5 different videos.


Video #1 -“Coffee Cart”

In your 1-page reflection of the following video, take note of how this special education teacher got her students to be included and accepted throughout the school. What type job the students have? Did their presence make a difference around the school? If so, in what way? How did perceptions change about these students from the time they started their morning job at the beginning of the school year, to the end of the school year? In reading about “self determination/ self efficacy”, in your text, explain the self efficacy of the students in Ms. Guthrie’s video.


Video #2 – “What I Wish I knew My First Year of Teaching SPED”

As you write your reflection, be sure to take note of the amount of time this teacher said that she spends on paperwork, actual teaching, etc. She did say that by year 4, things get easier and they do. Tell me your thoughts on this.


Video #3 – Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities – 3-TipsFor Special Ed Teachers – This video is lengthy. However, you will gain a plethora of information in regards to being a teacher of Transitioning & Vocational Special Education. Please be sure to take notes and reflect on your notes when writing your reflection.


Video #4 – For this assignment, you would typically attend an IEP/Transition Planning meeting for a Jr. High or High School student in Special Education. However, due to the pandemic, accommodations have been made here. If you already teach in a 6-12 Intervention classroom, then complete this assignment from an IEP/Transition Planning Meeting you’ve held or participated in. For those of you who have not attended an IEP/Transition Meeting, then you will watch the video below then respond to the following Questions.

  • Observe an IEP meeting and answer the following questions (no names should be used).
  • Are all of the stakeholders present at the IEP meeting?
    • Parents
    • Students
    • SPED teacher
    • Regular Ed teacher
    • School administrator
    • Related services professionals
    • Adult service professionals, as appropriate
  • Did the student and parents participate in the IEP meeting?
  • Did the student voice his/her postsecondary goals?
  • Was a transition page completed?
  • Was the IEP written before the meeting?
  • Did the parents and student disagree with any aspect of the meeting?
  • Summarize the meeting and discuss any areas that seem to be out of compliance with IDEA.


Video #5 – Life After School – Improving Customer Service for People with Disabilities

I hope that you’ve gained insights on working with students with disabilities as you help them to transition from School to life after school. By you choosing the field of Special Education, simply tells me a lot about you. You are a person with a giant heart and you are the person we need in this field. I wish you well in your endeavors.

Complete your 1-page reflection of this video.