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Question Description

As we head into the future, many things that were science fiction until a few decades ago are slowly but surely becoming reality – case in point: smartphones, smartwatches, holographics, virtual reality, nanotechnology, 3D printing. It is very likely that we may soon be able to implant electronic chips in different organ systems in our body that continuously monitor and inform the user / healthcare providers with medical information on a second-by-second basis. While the technology to achieve this is nearly here, there still remain ethical concerns about these advancements, especially with respect to “how much do we keep tinkering with nature?”

With this in mind, in this assignment, you need to create a 2-page report that addresses the following:

1. How would you, as a biomedical engineer soon to join the workforce, recognize ethical and professional responsibilities when tasked with designing an organ monitoring system for the cardiovascular system?

2. Mention relevant examples regarding available monitoring systems for cardiovascular health monitoring

3. Discuss the impact of the engineering implant (i.e. cardiovascular monitoring system) from global, societal, environmental and economic perspectives. For example (these questions should be answered in the report), how would society ensure that such technology is not restricted only to the rich? Who gets to decide who should have these systems implanted? As a parent, does that give you the right to implant these systems in your child without their consent? How would you treat a patient or individual who chooses not to implant these systems within themselves?

4. How would the cardiovascular monitoring system be interfaced with a neural system? Do you think the user or individual would like to see his or her physiological data presented to them on an hourly or daily basis? What kind of psychological effect might that have?

List all your references in a professional manner.