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For each learning unit, you will complete a total of ten activities (One activity is always the Reading Workout Challenge.)  Each activity is worth ten points and must be labeled with the name of the associated article or video. Some activities are very short; others are longer and require more thought.  All are very doable if you read and view the assigned materials before you attempt the activities.   All ten  activities must be completed  and submitted as one Microsoft Word Document, so save your activities as you complete them and wait to submit after you have completed all ten.  Name your assignment documents as "Activities for Unit 1", "Activities for Unit 2"…etc.     You submit by simply opening the "To Do" submission link within your course in  Blackboard. Assignments  submitted one at a time or by way of email will not be graded.    It is important to stay current as the activities and the reading and viewing materials are cumulative and each new unit is based on knowledge from the previous one(s).