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For the assignment you will evaluate the public opinion of criminal justice sentencing and rehabilitation for your selected topic (deterrence and incapacitation), discuss the research methodology, and provide an analysis and findings section to your final paper. 

The final paper will include all the elements included in the research paper rubric: 

1) APA title page, 

2) APA abstract page, and 

3) Content pages, including a running head with the title at the top-left corner and the page number at the top-right corner. 

Inside the content section of your paper, the following subheadings should appear: 

4) Introduction, 

5) Review of the Literature, 

6) Research Methodology, 

7) Discussion of the Literature, 

8) Analysis and Findings, and 

9) Conclusions and Recommendations. 

End the paper with an APA references section and a Table of Cases. 

This course project must be in APA style and at least 12 pages in length not including the title page and reference page. Include at least five references in your final paper. The cases used in your project should be listed on a separate page after the references and called the Table of Cases.