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For this assignment you will read, analyze and summarize the content of one of the three research articles included in your reference page. You may choose any of the three articles that you wish. Your assignment should be approximately two double spaced pages. Your selected article should include an introduction section, a literature review, a method section, a results section and a discussion/conclusion. 

Please summarize the information from the selected journal article IN YOUR OWN WORDS using the guidelines below and proper APA formatting. Note that the information below is for you to consider when writing your summary, all items may not be applicable to your selected article.

  • What is purpose of the study?
  • What topics are presented in the introduction section/literature review?
  • What prior studies have been referenced and how were the references used?
  • What were the main topics discussed by the researchers?
  • What is (are) the study hypothesis (or hypotheses) and do they flow logically from the arguments presented?
  • What methodology did the researchers use to collect their data?
  • What variables were manipulated or evaluated (independent variables) by the researchers and what behaviors were measured (dependent variables)? 
  • Were any control measures used to rule out alternative explanations (for example, factors held constant, special subject samples, etc.)?
  • What were the major findings of the study as reported in the results?
  • Do the author's conclusions follow logically from the results reported (why or why not)?
  • Do the author/s overreach when speculating the meaning of the results?
  • Were any alternative explanations offered for the results (if so, what were they)?
  • What future research can be suggested based on the conclusions?
  • How will the findings of the study be used to influence your research topic/question?

**Make sure you include the full citation (in APA format) for the article you are reviewing at the beginning or end of this assignment

Please format the assignment as follows:

  1. Double spaced, one inch margins all around
  2. 12 point Times New Roman font
  3. Insert page numbers
  4. Left alignment; no justified
  5. Name at top of first page (no separate title pages, please)

NOTE: On the next page I have included an example article summary assignment. This document will assist you with writing and formatting your upcoming assignments.