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Transition Planning with Sticky Notes (Backward Planning)

(Please Read: To complete this assignment, go back to chapters 8-9 specifically, although you may find useful information in other chapters as well. I know that you cannot use real sticky notes to complete this online assignment.Just type your responses inside of the boxes with bulleted responses, and know that when you become a teacher of this age range of students with Transition Plans then, you could arrange and plan your own Transition plans with real “sticky notes”. )

  1. GOAL – Identify a student’s postsecondary education or employment “GOAL” and write it on a sticky note and post it high on the wall (e.g., supported employment, competitive employment, four-year college, two-year college, or other life goals)
  2. COURSES OF STUDY – Identify the course(s) of study that will support this goal and paste it under the goal (e.g., advanced curriculum, general curriculum, career and technical education, functional general curriculum).
  3. Make seven “TRANSITION SERVICE” sticky notes “(1) instruction, (2) community experiences, (3) career development, (4) related services, (5) daily skills training, (6) assessments, and (7) linkages with adult services” and post them vertically down the left.
  4. Make six “BACKWARD PLANNING” sticky notes reading “14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19+” and post them horizontally under the courses of study sticky note. The resulting table should look as follows:

Postsecondary Goal:

Course(s) of Study:


Ages 19+

Age 18

Age 17

Age 16

Age 15

Age 14


Community Exp.

Career Develop.

Related Services

Living Skills


Linkages to A.S.

5. On sticky notes, BRAINSTORM what the school will need to provide in each transition service area to reach the student’s desired post school goal.Place them to the right of the type of service and under the age(s) they are to be provided.

6.Many of the activities in step 5 will need to be addressed with an IEP goal Choose one activity from above and write an IEP Objective: For example, “Student will (perform what task) at (what level or independence) for (how long) by (target date) and post this below the table.”