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Paper 3

Copy and Paste everything below into your paper and answer each in order:

1. How is the story in The 400 Blows and in 8 1/2 similar OR different to the previous films we have seen/discussed in class? Give AT LEAST 2 examples.

( Here is the previous films: The Lumiere Brothers, THE GOLD RUSH, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Citizen Kane, Seven Samurai )

2. How is Expressionism used in The 400 Blows, 8 1/2 or Apocalypse Now? Choose 2 films and discuss in what way it is used.

3. What does the ending of The 400 Blows mean to you?

4. What techniques or methods are used to make Italian Neo-realism unique? What other movement is similar to it?

5. What film is responsible, in many ways, for the summer blockbuster?

6. Does Guido escape at the end in 8 1/2 Film? Explain.

Please use complete sentences and check for grammar/punctuation. Make all references and works cited in MLA style. Go to the library web site if you have questions regarding locating the style manuals. You can also Google to get examples. I put up a Module link to Purdue’s website that has several examples.