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Question Description

-For this writing, about 600-900 words, the paper is about https://chesnuttarchive.org/Works/Stories/neckliss… and https://chesnuttarchive.org/Works/Stories/grapevin…

-I want you to write about how some way that Chesnutt depicts the natural world (for example, plants, or nonhuman animals) is similar to or differs from ” https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/55341/the-p… .

-Try to focus on how the author is describing such things, what meaning or significance they have within the story, and the kinds of choices the author is making as he describes such things.

-Try also to focus on very specific moments or passages in the story(ies) as you are writing; there is no expectation that you discuss either story in a comprehensive way.

* pls make the writing style look clear and easy to read.. make it simple.

* do not use any complicated words or sentences in this paper