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Question Description

Please Choose 3 of 4 and then you must answer number 5.

1) Do you believe that the sports/military speak dynamic is the same, less, or more in the time of Covid? Please explain your answer.

2) One of the concerns is that “sport-speak” trivializes the weightiness of war and makes it becomes more about who is “winning” the war rather than the legitimacy or serious “costs” of the war. Do you believe this to be the case, that without sport speak we would have more serious discussions of costs or do you believe even without sport-speak there would still be a lack of consideration of the costs of war? Please explain.

3) The article provides many examples of military rituals put into sporting events after a national tragedy or event that still remain even a decade or more after, but do you believe it would be possible to back out these displays in the time of a “cancel culture”? Please explain.

4) The article clearly presents a number of “problems” with the militarization of sports but do you agree these are problems? If not why not? If so, which one is the most significant problem?

Mandatory Question:

5) Please provide me with at least one additional area of popular culture (not sports related) where you believe we have seen a militarization and whether you believe this a good or bad thing.