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Hello i will need a DRAFT AND A PAPER

Paragraph 1: Introduce what family engagement is, and why is it important. Note your three areas of family engagement that you will focus on in your classroom.

Paragraph 2: Discuss main idea 1 (e.g. Two-way Communication with Families) by writing 2 sentences on what the research says about this idea (e.g. what is two-way communication? Why is it important?). Be sure to cite the research using APA format for end notes (see example papers). Next write 2-3 sentences on the strategies you plan to employ in your classroom to accomplish, for example, two-way communication. These will include the tactical things you will actually do (e.g. create and implement a survey at the beginning of the year to learn more about families; use a two-way communication notebook each week with each child, etc.). Finally, the last 2 sentences should provide the reader with a concrete example of where you have seen two-way communication done well OR one of the strategies you listed done well. This could be from your own experience as a student or teacher, or it can come from something you learned in the home visit project.

Paragraph 3: Discuss main idea 2 using the same layout as noted for paragraph two above, but with your next idea (e.g. Embracing Diverse Families).

Paragraph 4: Discuss main idea 3 using the same layout as noted for paragraph two above, but with your next idea (e.g. Building Empathy).

Paragraph 5: Write a 2-4 sentence conclusion that reminds the reader why you think family engagement is important, and what you will do to accomplish successful family engagement in your classroom.

I posted an example paper below