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Module and Real-World Connection

Module and Real-World Connection

My project focuses on the environment, an essential aspect of biology that affects human and animal life. Today, there are concerns about global warming and climate change, and the introduction of electric vehicles is proposed to help address air pollution. As mentioned in the proposal, one of the project's objectives is to track changes in technology and how it affects the environment. The project will help link modern life (introduction of electric vehicles) to the environment by discussing the introduction of electric vehicles and their impact on the environment. Electric vehicles are a result of technological advancements that seek to reduce air pollution and therefore come up with alternative sources of energy that do not pollute the environment (Cox et al., 2018). The end goal is to enhance environmental safety so that human and animal life can thrive with minimal exposure to harm.

Apart from the learning objectives and outcomes, the project also shapes personal, professional, and academic goals. Academically, the project will shape my research skills and come up with a write-up that identifies and addresses a gap through research. The project will also enhance my decision, especially regarding issues that affect the environment. For example, the decision to buy a car today or engage in agriculture will influence how much one is willing to conserve the environment. I also look forward to using the skills I have acquired in this course to impact policies in the future as a professional.

One of the transferable skills that the project will sharpen is data analysis skills. Since the project entirely relies on secondary data, I will be required to analyze data from secondary sources and conclude the topic. Data analysis is a competency that one needs throughout life. These skills are required not only in school projects but in daily activities. Analyzing information and figuring conclusions is significant and having solid analytical skills makes one a good decision-maker.

Another transferable skill is a strong work ethic and responsibility. The project requires one to be committed and responsible and submit all the deliverables on time. Since there is no physical interaction between the tutor and me, it is even more demanding in terms of responsibility because I have to set time aside o the project from my busy schedule. Personal responsibility and work ethic are competence that I would require forever. Most organizations prefer responsible employees and possess a strong work ethic, and by sharpening the competencies now, it will be easier for me in the future.


Cox, B., Mutel, C. L., Bauer, C., Mendoza Beltran, A., & van Vuuren, D. P. (2018). The uncertain environmental footprint of current and future battery electric vehicles. Environmental science & technology52(8), 4989-4995.