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Question Description

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing good. I am currently looking for someone who could help me to finish some assignment in my Texas Government course, and hopefully we will work together through this course this semester. This assignment will include:

1/ Discussion and response activity. You would need to create a thread in my Blackboard Texas Government Course to discuss the topic in your own words (Minimum 200 words) (Due on November 21st) , and respond to a classmate’s thread your thoughts (minimum 100 words) (Due on Nove 28th). This is discussion topic:

How should Texas deal with increasing rates of incarceration? Should Texas decriminalize certain behavior, reduce sentence lengths, invest in crime prevention (such as drug and alcohol rehabilitation), or build more prisons?

2/ Policy Paper. You would choose the TOPIC below and write an essay It should be 5 to 8 pages length and followed the requirements. There is a directions described in the Tab Policy Paper if you need more information

Here is the topic for Policy Paper

  • Disaster management and Funding

I will provide my ID and Password to access my Blackboard account, also information to help you achieve the target I much as I could. Looking forward to working with you longterm in this semester. Have a great day and take care !