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GPSV 341

Research Paper #2

Write a 5 to 7 page research paper on one of the following topics. You should have a reference page that is not included in the 5-7 page limit. You must use no less than 5 resources. Wikipedia will not be considered a source. Both in-text and post-text citations are required. They should be noted in Chicago Style or APA style guidelines. Please note the question you are answering. The paper is due on November 19 at 7pm.

1. Through the creation of Brexit, there was an immediate conflict created within the United Kingdom – namely that Scotland and Northern Ireland did not agree with the political maneuvers by the London based politicians. Did the political leaders in London, England consider there may be conflict within its nation-state of the United Kingdom? Did their history indicate to them that they should have considered the opinions of these other nations? What did the politicians in England accomplish by generating Brexit? How does this affect England’s capacity to play a significant role in the global environment?

2. President Richard Nixon ended the gold standard which enabled a fixed exchange rate for major currencies. This effectively ended the Bretton Woods Agreement and created a new international monetary system. Today we see the emergence of Bitcoins (digital money). They present the same problems as other currencies which can be overvalued and lead to economic instability. How do Bitcoins fit within the international monetary system? As economic systems evolve, how can governments address Bitcoins – domestically and internationally? Are the international organizations equipped to address digital money emergence?

3 The Donald Kelley textbook, “Understanding a Changing World,” discusses how a local war can become a proxy for regional conflict. Discuss how the civil war in Yemen became a proxy for regional conflict. Outline the major events and actors in the war – both within Yemen and in the region – and relate it to concepts highlighted in your textbooks. There are allegations of war crimes and other significant harms to the Yemeni civilian population yet there is limited discussion about this war in the US legacy press and limited United Nations’ responses. Why does the international community not focus its attention on this conflict?