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Self-reflection and able to write about your experience in an articulate manner.


You are being asked to provide a written account of your own experience. Please read over the following directions and then write/type your response below and/or on as many more pages as you like. Do NOT write your name anywhere on your account.

(1) Choose a place that is quiet, undisturbed, and where you feel able to concentrate.

Please recall a specific time when you experienced a strong emotion in relation to the pandemic. Choose an experience that you can recall in vivid detail. It could be any strong emotion, such as fear of harm, sympathy for the misfortune of others, anger at those making life difficult, joy upon reuniting, grief from a significant loss, marked claustrophobia and/or loneliness from isolation, dread about what is to come, etc. However, please be a good judge of your own resilience and do not choose an emotion that you are uncertain whether you could handle exploring it deeply. *

(2) Please describe what you thought and how you felt during that period of time

(3) Try to describe your thoughts and feelings just as they were, so that someone reading or hearing your report would know exactly what that experience was like for you

(4) In your description, keep your focus on the experience itself, and not just the situation

(5) Don’t stop until you feel that you have described your thoughts and feelings completely, taking as long as you need to complete your description.