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Question Description

Develop a Case Study on the following topic:

The Role of “the World Bank” and “the European Bank” under the following heading (all these headings need to be approached in the paper – I recommend each of them to be discussed in around one page) :

  • Functions of both the banks
  • Monetary policies adopted between 2000 to 2015
  • Role of Interest Rates in the World economy
  • Impact of Monetary policies on Developing and Developed countries


1. Write 4-5 pages on the given topic.

2. You can include addendums but that will not be considered as a part of the report.

3. Please use Times New Roman 12, APA Format (double spaced)

4. No grammar errors are accepted. Neither do plagiarized sentences (both these situations will lead to a decline of the paper)

5. This is a native English writer paper which means that any papers which contains incoherent sentences will be declined.


Please make sure that you answer all questions given above. Read and do research on both the economies Use actual data, graphs, table factual information to support your study.