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 How did the laws and cases of the Progressive Era affect what happens today? Provide one example. Using one of the laws or cases provided, explain any parallels of this to current laws or cases. What might be the lasting effects on today’s U.S. criminal justice system? How does having this information as a leader in criminal justice influence your role? Image of page 13Murder Issue Outline 14sex slaves. The Mann Act also states that it is legal for men to take their underage girlfriends across state lines for pleasure. The woman must be over the age of 18 to cross state lines legally. The Mann Act effects what happen today because it is now still illegal for underage women to date over aged men. A legal age of 18 has been established based on the law. For example, in the case of Caminetti vs. United States, Caminetti was convicted for transporting a woman across state lines for an immoral purpose. In this case, the supreme ruled that the Mann act not only applies to cases of prostitution but also applies to men dating under aged women and taking themacross state lines to become their concubine or mistress for sexual purposes. Based on this historical law of the Mann act, today’s laws reflect the prosecution of prostitution, child pornography, and sexual exploitation of any kind. Women and men are protected under the Mann Act. The criminal justice system will continue to create laws that uphold this law and coexist with similar laws. As a criminal justice professional in the field of becoming a judge, I will make sure to study the laws and enforce the Mann Act as it protects young adults from beingexploited sexually and fights against child pornography. ReferencesJones, M., & Johnstone, P. (2012). Criminal Justice in Ancient Times. InHistory of Criminal Justice(5th ed., pp. 18-30). Waltham, MA: Anderson Publishing.White-Slave Traffic Act. (n.d.). Retrieved July 09, 2017, from -dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/White-Slave Traffic Act. ;%20trends%20in%20policing%202014.pdf Image of page 14