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Overview: You will present a series of recommendations based on the external and internal analysis findings, and organizational/strategies findings in an action plan using Exhibit 10-2. Good recommendations are a critical aspect of successful case analysis. The recommendations may relate to the organizational strengths or to the organizational weakness. For example, if the organization has sufficient financial strength, then the recommendation should highlight how each alternative will capitalize on the strong financial condition. If financial resources are limited, then a combination strategy might be recommended to gain new resources. When making recommendations ask the following questions:

  • Does the organization have the financial resources needed to make the recommendation work?
  • Does the organization have the personnel with the right skills to accomplish what will be required by each recommendation?
  • Does the organization have methods to monitor whether the recommendations are being accomplished?
  • Is the timing right to implement the recommendation? If not, when will the timing be right? Can the organization afford to wait?Based upon the recommendations to address the strengths and weaknesses, formulate them into an action plan with appropriate time schedule for each suggestion you will implement. Action plan is the most descriptive term as it connotes the steps required to carry out strategies and meet objectives. In addition, the term “action plan” may be applied to the several different levels within organizations that must develop implementation strategies, and thus lessens confusion. An effective action plan, regardless of level, consists of objectives that specify how the unit (division, hospital, pharmacy) is going to contribute to the strategy, what actions will be required to achieve the objectives and within what time period, who is responsible for the actions, the resources required to achieve the objectives, and how results will be measured. These elements are required whether the action plan is for entire divisions as part of a complex corporate-level strategic plan or for functional units contributing to the strategic plan of a small organization.Use Exhibit 10-2 Process for Developing Action Plan.