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Due 11/21

Using the guidelines, you’ve learned in chapter 17, you will create a resume and a plan of action to pursue your ideal career. Submit one word document including your responses to the questions below AND your resume.

· Select a career you are interested in pursuing.

· Analyze the job description and determine whether you meet the qualifications.

· Answer the following questions in 1-2 pages:

. Why is this career a good fit for you?

. Do you currently meet the qualifications to apply for this career? If so, briefly describe. If not, what are you missing?

. Create a plan describing the steps you will take to ensure you meet the qualifications OR to become the best candidate for the job.

· Develop a current resume for the career you’ve chosen.

Brief instruction from me:

· accounting is my major, and I need to list steps to get there. I am in freshman college and at the moment taking just a business basic course. List my goals and classes I should take maybe. The years I need for school and answer all the questions thoroughly. Mostly researching or if you have an accounting degree then list what you did to get where you are. 2 pages please.

· Ignore resume part. I will do this myself.

· Please let me know if the link does not work. The link is a business textbook and just skim/read chapter 17 for utilizing the “guidelines” to create a plan of action to pursue your ideal career