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I have three assignments for my cyber technical writing course that need to be completed by Friday 17 by midnight. 


Using the network diagram below (PDF file), use 2 or 3 paragraphs to provide a technical description that would be used by the IT department; then use another 2 or 3 paragraphs to provide a description that would be used for non-technical business managers.



Based on the network diagram from Week One (linked again below), and the information you can derive from it (hint: different subnet IP ranges); provide your explanation of what security measures you think should be added and at what places within the network. (Another hint: you might want to clarify your assumptions up front.)



Discuss the key steps you would take in writing a set of procedures for a new, automated system for employees to request IT services (such as ordering new hardware or software or adding a new network connection for an office). Would you do anything different if the target audience is the company executive team vs. the office staff in the manufacturing department vs. the scientists and engineers in the R&D department?