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What made the speech so memorable?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: I’ve Been to the Mountaintop speech was memorable because of the people and how they hang on every word that come out of his mouth. Everyone respected the words that were coming out of Dr. Kings mouth because they were delivered with confidence, belief, and inspiration. The confidence that he felt in his material and his message to the people and belief that every word was not just going through one ear and out the other. The inspiration that gave everyone hope that there was going to be a light at the tunnel during those time of darkness. What made it memorable was the noise discipline that the people shown as he spoke to them. The people want to make sure that everything word that was coming out of his mouth was heard throughout the assembly. What was memorable about the speech was the picture each word painted as he talks about equality, segregation, and how the people push through barrier to get their message across. The body language of the people as they listen on showed Dr. King, he was connecting to the people which make is confidence build more within his speech.

What were the main takeaways?

The take away was that we as a people no matter race, gender, culture, nationality we are equal, no matter if it is in the eye of god, men or women we all are equal, and we all need to be treated the same. We must not stand by and watch other brothers and sister be treated unfairly by a system that was built to protect and service the needs of the people. We must speak our mind and come together to show our support is a non-violent way. We must not show weak in front of our enemies, but we must also not show hate. We must now give them the satisfaction of hope of them wining a battle that we know is wrong. We must be strong, vigilant, and show resiliency. We must protect those that can’t protect themselves, support those that cannot suppose themselves, and give back to those that are in need.

What did you learn in terms of leadership communication from this speech?

What I learn in terms of leadership Dr. King’s speech was that he was a motivator, an honest leader, Focus, and an inspiration to the people. The speech motivated listener to standup, march and be heard. As a leader is it is not that easy to have someone wanting to do what they know needs to be done. That type of communication needs to be delivered to the individual by someone that is inspirational and a great motivational speaker. His speech was consistent, now one time did he deter is any of the message that he was sending to the people. He did not lose focus of what was important in his speech, or what he was trying to have the people understand. His speech builds a lot of hope and confidence within the people. His honest build trust that an if we fight back with non-violence we will overcome and be treat equally.

Share attributes that you could incorporate into your own leadership communication.

Attributes that I would incorporate in my leadership communication would be a BE, Know, Do. Be confident in the message that I am sending to my team. Know what you are talking about and not what you think someone want to here. Make sure that the information that I about to brief is honest and the first people that should believe in my I message should be me. I would not ask them to do something that I would not do myself. That leads to mistrust and the lost of confidence in the leaders ability to communicate with the individuals.