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I need the work that the answers come out of the 6 pages of the book that I am giving you please.

W6: Textbook Assignment

-: Read about John Locke and George Berkeley on pp. 69-74. Answer the following:

1. What does Locke mean by a tabula rasa? What does he use this word to describe?

2. How does Locke think we arrive at our perceptions? What is this view called?

3. What are primary qualities? Secondary qualities? Explain using an example.

4. What is Berkeley's criticism of Locke's theory?

5. Describe Berkeley's version of idealism.

W6: Reflection Log

Why is God necessary on Berkeley's view? Explain what role God plays in Berkeley's philosophy. Do you see any connections between his understanding of God and Spinoza's? Discuss in at least a paragraph.