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I want you to say is “my part in this project was to present this time period……bla bla bla”

and it’s must has these things 

CW1: Comparative project 

• The extent to which the remit of the assignment has been met 

• Recognition of alternative methodological approaches to comparison and the way in which these may influence project design and outcomes 

• Selection of appropriate approach and methods in relation to the task set 

• Creativity, comprehensiveness and appropriateness of project design 

• Clarity and accuracy of communication of the project design 

• Ability to identify limitations and or problems during the design process 

• Range of research and collation of information and material


The Impacts of United Kingdom to European Union between 1957 until 2017

UK contributed and benefited a lot from the UK between 1957 until 2017. The contributions of the UK to the EU can be categorized into social, economic, and political factors. There are also other impacts that the UK realized from the EU from abroad (RUÇİ, 2018). Some of these contributions include freedom to live, work, or study anywhere in any EU member state, peace and stability, protection of citizen rights, business growth, and trade. This section will discuss the social, economic, and impacts of abroad characterized by the UK as part of the EU.

Impacts from abroad

The EU’s main economic engine is the single market. It allows most people, goods, and services to move freely throughout all members of the EU member states. The EU made it easier for the UK to move around the continent. The UK members had a right to work, study, or retire in any EU member state. All EU members receive recognition from abroad. Moreover, EU ensures peaceful cohesion between all its member states (Begg, 2016). The EU allows all its members to use telephones and digital services at no extra cost. It promoted social integration and unity among the people.


Between 1957 and 2017, peace, civil rights and protection, business growth and trade, food quality and environmental standards, and international diplomacy were characterized. UK played an integral role in the formation of the EU Treaty. The Treaty on EU gives EU members a wide range of rights enacted in the EU law across many fields. The Charter of Fundamental Rights brings together all the political, social, and economic rights enjoyed by the UK and other EU member states (Begg, 2016). The EU takes a solid stance to protect personal information in its data protection and privacy laws to ensure that its members control their data

Social impacts

The UK contributed significantly to international diplomacy and development in the EU. The UK was among the top donors of development assistance, and it worked collectively with other EU member states to promote good governance, fight hunger and preserve natural resources. Since the Yugoslav Wars, the UK has played an integral role in building peace with other countries such as Western Balkans (Olsen & McCormick, 2018). The UK promoted dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo which led to the landmark deal in April 2013 that is currently being implemented with EU support.


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