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Pop-up Starter: Give us your “elevator talk” on your project!

Please respond using 100 words or more

Calendar Liberal Studies Research Capstone – WEB

An old business school strategy for developing focus on one’s project is to develop an “elevator talk:” a 30-second pitch, that would allow one to effectively explain their work between floors. on an elevator ride. Adapted to our purposes as researchers and writers, the equivalent would be a honed ability to succinctly explain, to ourselves and to others, the “what” and the “so what” of our project,: our evidence and argument in brief, and the summary significance of our likely conclusions.

So, let’s take a shot at that here. Tell me, colleague: what is your current “elevator talk”–your own very short summary of your evidence, of your conclusions, and of their significance? To be clear: this shorter-catechism of your project can, and will, change as you go along in your researching and writing. That said, what is your “elevator talk” today?