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Give one example of an evidential “hole” that you have filled this week with targeted, vigorous further research.

Please respond using 100 words or more

Calendar Liberal Studies Research Capstone – WEB

As you write your paper, you are doubtless discovering “missing spots” in your research–here and there, a detail, etc. that until you reached this place in the writing you had not realized you would need to investigate. When you find these spots, the key strategy that you should generally employ is to go “all out” to garner the missing evidential detail, without getting drawn back into “free range” research in a way that unnecessarily diverts you from your writing. In other words, you need to be precision-targeted in your research when filling in missing evidential details, and not waste time, while still being creative and energetic in your research. Try doing so right now, if you have not done so yet this week, and tell us here: what is one specific, detailed evidential hole that you have filled this week in your writing with targeted research?