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Tuesday: Pop-Up Starter–A Writing Selfie!

Please rspond using 100 words or more.

Calendar Liberal Studies Research Capstone – WEB

This week, by design, you will notice that, aside from the ongoing reading in The Craft of Research, we are pivoting with a vengeance toward devoting every available moment to writing the paper itself. As a simple opener to this week, and to that emphasis, tell us, if you will, just a bit about where and how you are doing your writing of the research paper due at course’s end. Are you tending to write it in short bits of time, or in long, marathon sessions? Do you generally do the writing for while sitting at a desk, at a table in a public library, at the kitchen table, or, say, at a local coffee shop? As a fun illustration, if you would, take and post here an appropriate “selfie” photo of yourself actually writing away, at your preferred location, on the paper project for this course. …And take a moment, after perusing their “writing selfies” to cheer on your writing colleagues in this class!