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Question Description

You have been asked to speak to a group of students in nursing and other healthcare professions. You are assigned to talk about the importance of finance, human resources, performance improvement, and technology in relation to healthcare organizations today.

  • Create a Voice-Over PowerPoint presentation. You have been given 15-20 minutes. Plan on 1 slide for every 1-2 minutes of speaking time (10-15 slides).
  • Include a title and reference slide (the number of slides above does not include title and reference slides)
  • Include an introduction and conclusion slide
  • Include appropriate citations on your slides
  • Utilize the notes function to outline your talking points and provide additional facts that you will use for your presentation.
  • Include a minimum of 4-5 scholarly references to support your presentation. References should be 5 years old or newer.

In general, PowerPoint presentations should have a limited number of bullet points on each slide to convey the main point of the slide. They should include images but they should be professional, the source cited and limited in number. It is usually helpful to start with the notes section for what you want to say instead of the slides. Once the notes section is completed, pull out your main points for the slides.

Submit your assignment by Sunday at midnight.