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In this assignment, quality assurance specializing in chemistry will be the position I will be interested in. The quality assurance personnel is tasked to ensure all products and services meet established standards set by the company or set by a country (“QA Technician Job Description”, n.d.). Chemical Quality assurance specializes in performing rigorous quality assurance of samples such as processed food, medicine, or any other processed or manufactured products. Some chemists are tasked to calibrate and perform maintenance on the laboratory equipment. In addition, chemists are responsible for maintaining strong overall quality control of manufactured and processed products made by the company complying with performance, reliability, and consumers’ expectations.

Another purpose of having chemists is that they are significant in water testing to detect any chemical contaminants such as metals present in the water. This testing determines which water contains metals that have positive impacts when consumed and the ones with chemicals that pose health problems to the consumers. They are also important individuals in soil testing to determine the alkalinity or acidity of the soil. Frequent soil testing will identify which variety of plants is suitable or does well in certain areas than the others. Chemists use techniques such as mass chromatography, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), mass spectrometer, and among others to conduct their sample testing (“QA Technician Job Description”, n.d.).

I chose this position because I have been seeing standardization marks on most commodities and products that we use and on many products especially consumable products, there is always a section on nutritional facts which I have been wishing to know how they are

conducted and who does it. This is an interesting field because as a chemist, one will better understand the compositions or elements found in certain commodities and give recommendations on which is good and which is not.


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Activity 5: Performance Appraisal/Motivation

Using the same job from previous activities.

1. What type of performance appraisal system would be best suited for the people with this position? Explain/Defend your answer. (Chapter 4)

2. What type of motivation theory would you recommend for this position. Explain/Defend your answer. (Chapter 8)

Make sure you cite all resources.