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  In this class you have learned a variety of physics concepts. In this writing assignment, you will apply your knowledge of physics to explain how the physics you learned in class is applied.The writing  assignment  will  consist  of  a  two and half pages,  double-spaced,  typed  report  where you  will  apply your  knowledge  to  explain  the application of  a classical  mechanical physics  concept(s)  for  a device, object, process or phenomena of your choosing. For this assignment, you will need to first explain/describe the application of physics you chose (object, process, phenomena, etc), identify which  physics  concepts  are  related, and  explain  how  it  works  using  the  physics  concepts  you learned in class. For example, you can explain how does a scale work, the physics behind air bags or seat belts in cars, the physics in sports or racing, why do acrobats spin faster with in the tucked position,why are galaxies flat or disk shaped, how does a door stopper work, how do centrifuges work,or how  do  rockets  move  in  space.  use  at  least  1  citation  (you  may  use  your  textbook)  in  AIP  style.