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Some scholars believe that the mass media shape society. Some believe they reflect and mirror society. Give one example of an incident or event that seems to support the notion that media shape society. Then give one example that seems to support the notion that media reflect society. Finally, state which of these viewpoints YOU agree with most, and explain why.


1. Title page: Students must use an APA template.

2. Word count: between 350 and 600 words

3. Research: Academic integrity, every source must be acknowledged, and properly cited.

4. APA in-text citations

5. Editing: No typos, spelling errors. Avoid common mistakes: repeating words, lack of punctuation, clichés, colloquial words…

6. Writer’s voice: Unbiased yet with a personal point of view.

7. List of references.

8. Minimum number of sources: two sources, including peer-reviewed, academic sources, and other media sources (which could include magazine articles, newspaper articles, online article, YouTube clips etc.).