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The past several weeks have been spent focusing on leadership, and leadership styles. This is something that will be an ever evolving journey for all of us through out our careers in healthcare. Over time, events and interactions with others will shift how we lead and thus change our “leadership journey”.

This week, choose someone to conduct a “leadership journey interview” with. Understanding someone’s leadership journey is different than simply understanding their career history, though of course that will be a part of it. In understanding a leadership journey, you will want to ask about:

– What the person’s view of leadership is now? What was it when they started?

-What were pivotal moments in their journey that changed how they chose to lead?

-Who do they refer as great leaders? Why?

-What do they feel is important when working with others?

-What would they like to share about leadership that they feel has been of great value?

Then, in an APA formatted paper that is at least 3 pages in length and utilizes 3 references, summarize your interview with the leader. Be sure in your conclusions to give thoughts on how this impacted your own views on leadership.