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Instructions===> You may agree or disagree with the post below regarding the irrational beliefs. Use critical thinking skills to justify your position. Must be 250 words and Please cite your sources.

The post you are suppose to reply to===> When thinking of irrational beliefs that some people live by, it is sad to see that people feel as if they have no hope or look forward to happiness in their future. After reading over some of these irrational beliefs that was said by Albert Ellis in the book of Critical Thinking and Logic Skills for Everyday Life that I can relate to such as “I must have perfect control over things, or I will die” (p.121). I have always wanted to control situations that were not in my hands to control, and then I would get let down when things did not turn out the way I imagined them too. 

Certain cognitive errors can negatively impact a person’s life because the people who live by these beliefs are people who live up to high expectations and are putting their mind set in a negative manner at all times. It can also affect the way they view their own self, thinking in this type of way can cause the person to be very hard on themselves because they feel as if the world is against them if things do not go the way they intended all the time.

One irrational belief that I have said many times before, was indeed thinking that I have the “worst luck” if something goes wrong and I would blame everyone else around me. Life is not about luck and I realize that unfortunate situations or circumstances happen to everyone every day because that is life. Growing up, I always thought bad things just happened to me and I am surrounded with bad luck and nothing bad happens to my friends however, as I got older I began to mature my mind and stopped believing I had bad luck and started to find ways to deal with bad situations and make the best out of a problem.