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Question Description

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Section 2.2 of Chapter 2: Hardware and Software and Chapter 4: Operating Systems in Computing Technology for All. Review all of the Participation and Challenge Activities found in Chapter 4.

Students: Be sure to download and save a PDF version of your textbook for future reference. It will be used in later courses within your program, including the final, capstone course. Zybooks limits online access to your course textbooks for a 12-month period. (Zybook Download Instructions)

In this discussion you will evaluate the file management and memory management functions of a modern computer system and determine ways to improve these operations.

Part 1: Backup Files
In your initial discussion post, you will describe how computers organize and store files on the hard drive and other removable drives. Explain why backup files are important. Give at least one example scenario where backup files would be useful.

Summarize your current backup plan. Explain the methods and devices that you use, and describe how often you back up your files. Discuss any challenges that you have experienced making backups.

Part 2: Determine RAM
In addition, you will describe the role of Random Access Memory (RAM) in a computer system. Compare computer memory (RAM) with hard drive storage. In the event of a power loss, compare what happens to information stored in RAM with information saved to the hard drive.

Use the Internet to research how to determine the amount of RAM installed on your computer. List how much RAM is available and how much is currently in use. Compare how your computer would function if it had more RAM and less RAM.

Your initial post (including Part 1 and Part 2) must be a minimum of 300 words in length.