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Topic: Why should companies consider creating an internal marketing base?

Include the following:
1. Frame your topic as a business problem/challenge
2. Discuss how marketing research is used to identify and exploit business opportunities
3. Examine the role of ethics incorporating concepts from the field of marketing and psychology
4. Discuss how combining marketing and psychology perspectives/methods would contribute to the resolution of the problem/challenge
5. Justify the importance of the problem/challenge in a social or global context
6. Include a limited quantitative discussion and analysis of the business problem/challenge (be sure to incorporate accurate calculations, estimates, risk analyses or quantitative evaluations of the problem/challenge)
7. Appraise the sources of information utilized in the assignment.

The paper is to be 5 – 7 pages of content and is to follow APA style. You should have at least 5 references from professional publications. Your research references should be primary works from professional publications.