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Question Description

Before you begin preparations for Milestone One, be sure you have read the Final Project Document, which provides an overview of the instructions, expectations, and grading criteria for the project as a whole. This document is available for review in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics section of the course.

Please utilize your text, course learning resources, the Shapiro Library Multi-Search tool, and other reputable sites on the internet as sources of information. Using PowerPoint, create the slides and speaker notes for the first section (critical element I) of the final project.

I. Introduction to your team:

  1. a) Given the client complaints, determine the specific issues that the help desk is facing, and explain how you came to these conclusions.
  2. b) What are some goals and objectives for a successful IT help desk? In other words, what service-level agreement standards or overall servicegoals need to be attained in order for the help desk to be considered successful?

Please note that the course project intent is to introduce students to the ITSM process. For the intended learning and exposure to the course project topics,

assumptions can be made and any such assumptions should be documented.