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Question Description

Q.1) Pick a topic below and post your reply by Wednesday at midnight. Your response should be at least 600 to 700 words and appropriately cites your resources,


  • What jobs have been eliminated due to technology? What jobs have been created?
  • Do automated systems mean fewer jobs for high-skilled workers?
  • Would you want to telecommute? Why or why not? Is it a viable solution for all employers?
  • Is hacking that does no direct damage a victimless crime? Give an example to support your case

Q.2) Find a recent article that relates to either employee monitoring that is conceived as too invasive or a recent incident of where employee data has been breached. Summarize the article and discuss how you believe this will impact the company, and application (if applicable). Also, was the data exploited through an application or storage location that is not necessarily needed to run a business? Is it a nice to have? Example: a social media type application.

Notes: minimum 600 to 700 word for each questions. APA format.