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The purpose of this project is to understand how and why companies have the ethics codes that they do and to consider if theirs mirrors your own. If your ethics align, does that automatically mean working for this company would be a good fit? Why or why not? And if things don’t align, would you still want to work for the company? Why or why not? In addition, giving oral presentations is a staple of many different workplaces (and classrooms), so we are going to simulate that with this project.

This presentation should be created with the assumption that it would be presented to an audience of your peers/professor if this were a face-to-face, traditional classroom. Since it is not, however, you will record yourself giving the presentation with Screencast-O-Matic (Links to an external site.), free software that can capture what is on your computer screen as well as the person working the computer. (If you have your own video software that you’d rather use, this is fine as long as your instructor can open the file and it captures both the screen & the author’s face.)

Please complete the following project requirements:

Identify a company that you currently work for or would like to in the future. (It is acceptable to use the same company from your Career Documents Project.)

Research background information about the company and their code of ethics, which should be found on their website and identify your own code of ethics as related to business (minimum of 4 items).

Develop a PowerPoint presentation that includes a minimum of ten (10) slides (see below). Ultimately, would you want to work for this company? Why or why not? Be certain to list the values that you think will be especially important in your current or future career.

You will need a minimum of ten (10) slides. They do not have to be in this order, but they should contain the below information in some way:

Title slide

Introduction to project

Your background information

Your individual code of ethics

Name/Image for the company you’ve researched

Background info on company

Company’s code of ethics

A slide comparing/contrasting the values between both codes

A slide discussing if you would work for the company / why or why not?

A References slide

Use effective page design strategies to promote visual appeal including proper spacing, fonts, color and background use, headings, lists, and visuals. (Follow the “6 by 6 rule” of no more than 6 bullet points on a slide and no more than 6 words in a bullet point)

All writing for this project should be your own. Paraphrase and summarize to the best of your ability. Only use direct quotes (properly cited in APA format) if absolutely necessary.

Provide both in-text citations in APA format & a References page in APA format for all information provided that is not considered common knowledge.

Submit both your final PowerPoint and the video file of your presentation.

Your presentation should be professional and include graphics appropriate for a business presentation as acknowledged in Chapter 1. The recording of it should be roughly 3-5 minutes long, and the final draft must be submitted in the digital format.

We will use the free software Screencast-O-Matic (Links to an external site.) to record a video of you speaking while the program captures the presentation on your computer screen. Screencast-O-Matic is incredibly easy to use. Follow THESE Actions instructions.

This assignment requires getting the visual (i.e. your PowerPoint) and the text (i.e. your “presentation”) to support one another, which will be a unique challenge.

Finally, this assignment should be a conversation with your instructor as your audience; you should enter into your drafting process with some key points you would like to discuss. Do not read from a written script. Instead, use the digital format as a conversation space, a space in which you can work through how oral and digital presentations might change the way we communicate in the workplace.