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Speech on Sleep Deprivation

Whether you blame it on technology, caffeine, or tight school schedule, parents and guardians have a significant role to play to solve the burning issue of sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is a serious problem affecting the performance of K-12 learners and parents and other caregivers understand the source of the problem. Note that being sleepy during lessons can have a detrimental impact on K-12 students’ performance.

Sleep deprivation can be harmful and sometimes deadly to our kids. Take it as a basic life necessity and a key to smooth learning for our K-12 students. Your kid needs proper sleep to think straight and stay awake in class. I consider sleep deprivation to children as harmful and detrimental to their performance at school based on reliable scientific research. When a K-12 student lacks enough sleep at home, he or she will spend a significant amount of time sleeping in class during lessons. The child would certainly miss out on important concepts that are key to his or her performance in other subjects of future courses connected to what is being studied. The performance of the child will be immediately affected and the possibility of getting back on track would be difficult.

Notably, any attempts to recover what has been lost would be difficult especially considering the limitation of time.

Besides, it is worth noting that the child would already be facing difficulties in other classes linked to the classes skipped because of sleep deprivation.