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Re: Topic 4 DQ 1

Hello Class,

Catholicism surprises me by observing confirmation rituals, taking sacraments each church service, and appointing cardinals, archbishops, bishops, and priests by the pope. I expected sacraments to be taken during holy communion sessions, often observed once a year. However, Catholics take sacraments each church service to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ (Hemeyer, 2016). Pope appoints even the lowest religious leaders in catholic churches. I hoped that cardinals, archbishops, and bishops could be authorized to appoint priests as they have close interactions with them (Cavendish, 2007). Cardinals, archbishops, and bishops have a better understanding of the administrative areas that priests will be in charge of than the pope. The confirmation ritual signifies the spiritual growth of Catholics (Cavendish, 2007). I am surprised how they determine a Catholic has grown spiritually as only God knows an individual’s spiritual growth. Therefore, I am surprised with appointments made by the pope, observance of confirmation rituals, and taking of sacraments each church service.

Cavendish, J. (2007). The sociological study of American Catholicism: Past, present and future. In A. Blasi, American Sociology of Religion: Histories Religion and the Social Order. BRILL.

Hemeyer, J. (2016). Religion in America (7th ed.). Routledge.

Naria Celaya

Assignment Description:

Research distinctive Catholic beliefs and practices and complete the chart below with your

findings. You may use bullet points.

Roman Catholicism


 They believe in Sacraments to receive the power or blessings of Christ.

 They believe the bible is the word of God.

 That their Church and teaching derive from Christianity.

 They believe that human creation began with, “Adam & Eve.”


 Respect for human life

 The use of the sacrament.

 To have faith and hope

 Learn scripture and tradition


 Baptism

 Confession

 Confirmation

 Eucharist


 Catholics make up about ¼ of the religious population

 Catholicism came from Europe

 They fleed Europe due to Henry the VIII persecution

 Initially, while the U.S. was primarily colonies, being a catholic was prohibited.