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Question Description

The final paper will be about 4-5 pages in length. The paper will be submitted into Turnitin.com at the beginning of class time on the due date. All papers should be Times New Roman 12 font, double-spaced, APA format, with a title and reference page.

Section I: Problem Area, Proposed Strategy to Fix Problem, Research Question

  • 1. Describe your proposed prevention/mitigation strategy
    • Identify theissue, including how serious the issue is and which individuals or locations itmost affects. Remember – this shouldbe connected to your literature review & original topic area/researchquestion. Give a briefsynopsis of the program to address the issue. Here you can discuss an existingprogram that you know of, or invent one. Whichever you choose, give it a nameand location, and discuss your target population. Discuss the specifics of howthe program is supposed to work.
  • 2. Researchquestions and variables
    • Provide aresearch question. It will be the same, or very similar to, the question fromyour literature review. Identify anddefine your independent and dependent variables. Use the exhaustive literaturereview to support why you would choose these variables. (How have thesevariable been used by other authors discussed in your literature review &lit review build? How have they been measured? Be specific.) Include citationsfrom your lit review articles as needed.

Section II: Assessing Whether or Not Your Proposed Strategy Will Work

3. Sampling Design

Identify thepopulation from which you will sample, your desired sample size and thecomposition of your sample, and sampling technique to be used (i.e., describethe specific type of probability or nonprobability sample you will use, and howyou will do it). Be specific and make the case as to why your chosen samplingmethod is appropriate. Tie in with what you wrote in Part I, Section A.

4. Proposed Data Collection Technique – original data

Describe themethod you will use (i.e., survey, interviews, focus groups, content analysis,etc.) and the data collection instrument you will use. Explain why this is agood method to use. When discussing your instrument, tie in with what you wrotein Part I, section B (i.e., how you will measure your variables, how other havemeasured these variables).

5. Human Subject Protections

Identify issuesrelated to the use of human subjects/respondents (i.e., possible harm) and howyou will address them (i.e., keep from harming people). Discuss things likeinformed consent, the voluntary nature of research, subjects being able towithdraw as needed, confidentiality of data provided, debriefing forms, etc.

6. Measurement Quality

Identify threatsto validity inherent in your study’s measures and describe what efforts yourstudy will take to control for these threats.

7. Reference page

for whatever in-text citations you list throughout the proposal.