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  1. Please provide two examples of legal pluralism provided in chapter five
  2. What does Calavita mean when she states, “Gaps in the rules of public-private jurisdiction occasionally surface, and accountability sometimes falls through the cracks of these multiple legal orders (93).”
  3. Can you give me an example of what this might look like outside of the Blackwater example given in the chapter? If you’re not sure, just do your best to give a response.
  4. On page 97, Calavita states, “It is still open to debate in law and society circles whether it is productive or counterproductive to bestow the term ‘law’ on rules, norms, and practices that vary widely in their degree of institutionalization and in their modus operandi.” Do you see this as productive or counterproductive? Please explain why.

Pls write 1&half pages

Pls read the book Chapter 5 (p.85-104)from the pdf